1981 | President/Chairman, Judith Greider

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Judith Greider was the first woman to serve as the President/Chairman of the Board of the Choctaw Chamber of Commerce. 1981 proved to be the year of advances and progress, nationally and locally.

Nationally: This was the year of the first flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia and was also the first year that the word “Internet” was mentioned and MS-DOS was released by Microsoft along with the first IBM PC.

Locally: This was the year Dr. Kelley opened a medical clinic in Choctaw after being recruited to the area by Judith Greider. Greider listed an ad for a full-time physician for Choctaw with the Physicians Manpower Training program in 1978. Prior to Dr. Kelley, Choctaw residents either visited a retired doctor working part-time or went out of town for medical attention.

The Chamber Area of Commerce is grateful for Judith Greider’s commitment to building the community, her determination to recruit professionals and businesses, and her desire to see our community prosper and grow.