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  1. What is question about.? I remember when they first opened it during the Bicentennial celebrations. Seems to have gone downhill from there. Are they going to make improvements and keep the property up as they should. Lot of good things going on in Choctaw and the Caboose should remain a part of it. Something to be proud of.

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      The survey is trying to gauge public opinion about the caboose and its current location. Further questions are best directed to City leadership.

  2. I love the caboose & Bicentennial things displayed – it gives Choctaw that small town, unique atmosphere & shows our appreciation of history. I grew up in Choctaw, graduated from Choctaw High School & currently teach in Choctaw/Nicoma Park School District.

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      Russ, you will find the same survey on the city’s website and Facebook page. City leadership simply asked the Chamber to help get the survey out to as many people as possible. We are so glad you found it.

  3. There is almost nothing of historical note left in the city. The old school is gone, the few old buildings that were here are gone. Choctaw is an old city but you can’t tell by looking at it. I think the caboose should stay.

  4. Let it stay – Give it new life and purpose by converting it into a small Visitor/Welcome Center to showcase other pieces of our history!

  5. The caboose should stay and be respectfully maintained for past, present and future generations. I was born and raised in Choctaw, participated in the Bicentennial Celebration, and still get a feeling of pride when I come back.

  6. My family gathered for the Bicentennial Parade in Choctaw on July 4, 1976. It was also the dedication of the new caboose museum. My father in law drove his Model T ford pickup with my deceased husband riding in the back. He was dressed as Uncle Sam and proudly rang a large old school bell they had loaded into the pickup. The town of Choctaw did Party on that day. My in laws have passed along with my husband but the Caboose still stands proudly. The Caboose was bought and placed there to remind us of our past history with the railroad and the old mill that was in Choctaw. The mill would bring farmers and family’s into Choctaw from surrounding areas. 40 years of history sitting there representing our towns history from long ago. I personally don’t want to loose this Caboose or the location. There are plenty of flower beds along 23rd that can be used for community parks. I don’t believe we should distory history to build yet another park. Please try your best to consider the flower beds that represent no history as the location for your park wiith the Caboose as the welcoming wagon! I hate to see this peace of history to leave 23rd as that was where the mill was located. Tham you for reading my plea.

  7. We have lived in Choctaw for 47 years. The caboose has always been a welcoming site for us and also for our visiting relatives. They know to turn south on Henney Road at the caboose to head to our home. As others have stated, the caboose is a piece of Choctaw history and should be preserved at this location. I like the idea of using it as a welcome center. Please do not remove or relocate this historic caboose.

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