1994 | President/Chairman of the Board, Mike Turek

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Mike Turek’s connection to the the Choctaw Chamber started in 1987. He has served on the executive board and was President/Chairman of the Board in 1994. And Mike is still active with the Chamber. We appreciate all that he does for us as well as Choctaw and surrounding communities. Through his involvement with with the Chamber, CEDA, Rotary, and several other civic organizations, Mike is always contributing and supporting community growth and success. Everyone in EOC either directly or indirectly benefits from Mike’s (and Old Germany’s) hard work and dedication. Thank you, Mike, for setting the standard on how to participate, how to lead, how to give back, and how to be in forefront of change and progress. We appreciate you and all that you do. Plus, you throw a fantastic party in the park every year in September!