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New Member – Acts 29 Roofing

  • Acts 29 Roofing+ is a company that desires to do things the right way every time and conduct our service above reproach. By providing roofing services and more, we promise to never lie, steal, or cheat any person or any company. We are thrilled to welcome a new business, with ties to someone known and loved in our community, Tanner Streater.



Hello, my name is Tanner Streater. The journey that my family and I have been on over the past couple of years has been nothing short of crazy. There’s been so many changes, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

I started my working career out as a Recreation Pastor and then quickly moved to a role as a Student Pastor and served at 2 different churches in the position. After years of seeing the Lord change people’s lives, we found ourselves in a tough position and decided to resign from the vocational ministry life for a period time. I then found myself working as a Financial Advisor. Not long into that career, I met a man that God had put in our path that owned a construction company. In just a week or so, we had agreed that I would join him. That man was none other than Jay Shipp, owner of Ambassador Roofing and Construction out of Edmond. During my time with Jay, I learned the ins and outs of the roofing world and really just how to help people.

Through experiencing the roofing world through the eyes of the most ethical and honest roofing contractor in the business, I quickly began to see how so many other contractors abuse and use the system to build their companies around profits, and not service. Well, I was just trained different. At the end of 2019, my wife and I began to discuss and pray about what it would look like if I were to start my own company. And after searching and seeking other’s wisdom, Acts 29 Roofing was born.

Acts 29 Roofing exists to serve people through their roofing and construction needs in a way that’s above reproach. With the promise to never lie, steal, or cheat any person or any company, I desire to offer the best customer service that can be offered. This isn’t just an income to me. It’s more than just about roofs, it’s a way to serve people. There’s a right way to do business and a wrong way, and I only want to do it the right way. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call me so that I can have the blessing and opportunity to serve you!

Tanner Streater