One-Stop Assistance

Professional Assistance & Incentive Program

Choctaw is a pro-business community which provides a one-stop site location assistance program designed to meet your needs. The confidential service accesses all available local state and federal resources and offers a team of professionals who provide rapid response times for your project. Choctaw provides one-stop site location assistance program designed to meet your needs. Contact our team today at (405) 390-3303.


The region offers a qualified, available workforce, straight-forward business incentives and world-class job training.

Our program includes:

  • Site and Building Identification
  • Labor Force Data and Worker Identification
  • Workforce Training Program
  • Incentive Analysis
  • Fast-Track Permitting
  • Build to Suit Program

OK Quality Jobs Program

Companies can directly receive up to 5% of total payroll in the form of quarterly cash payments for up to ten years. Companies qualify if they are central administrative offices, manufacturers, research and development agencies (including wind power manufacturers), distribution centers (with 40 percent out-of-state delivery) or certain service companies (with out-of-state sales exceeding 75 percent of total sales), and must achieve a payroll (within three years) of $2.5 million or more.

Oklahoma’s attractive incentives drive bottom-line benefits for you. Contact us for a customized incentive analysis based on these and other locally available incentive programs.


To facilitate the recruitment process, the Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission (OESC) will pre-screen eligible applicants to meet the specifications outlined within job descriptions, test applicants for aptitudes in specific skills and provide any personnel functions necessary to ensure recruitment success.


Provides growing manufacturers a significant tax credit based on either an investment in depreciable property OR on the addition of full-time equivalent employees engaged in manufacturing, processing, or aircraft maintenance. A five-year tax credit on the greater of 1% per year of investment in qualified property or a credit of $500 per year per new job.