2001 | President/Chairman of the Board, Dave Howe

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Dave Howe served as the Chairman of the Board for the Chamber in 2001. Dave’s professional experience as a retired Air Force Colonel and Aerospace Program Manager with Lockheed Martin enabled him to bring leadership and direction to the Chamber. Dave’s service was not limited to just the Chamber of Commerce. He served as Chairman of the Choctaw Veterans Memorial …

1998 | President/Chairman of the Board, Bobbie Freeman

Choctaw Area Chamber Chamber Celebrates 40, News

1998 was the year Bobbie Freeman stepped in to serve as the President/Chairman of the Board for the Chamber. Bobbie’s dedication and commitment to the Chamber and to Eastern Oklahoma County started well before 1998 and continues to this day. We appreciate all the hard work, dedication and time Bobbie has given to the Chamber and our communities.

1995|President/Chairman of the Board, Gary Howard

Choctaw Area Chamber Blog, Chamber Celebrates 40, News

Who doesn’t love Gary Howard?! The Chamber is forever grateful and appreciative of Gary’s hard work and dedication to making not only the Chamber thrive, but also the community. The success and growth of our Annual Chamber Auction is a direct reflection of Gary’s perseverance, leadership and unwillingness to take “no” for an answer. If you haven’t seen our video …