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Small Investment – Big Dividends

When you invest in the Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce, you are investing in the future of the Choctaw area. Quality communities are developed by people with high hopes, high aspirations and willingness to work and invest in the future – and we are interdependent on each other. Bold new steps must be taken to assure our movement into the future will enhance the quality of life and economy in the Choctaw area.

While Choctaw is located in the geographic center of Eastern Oklahoma County, it enjoys prosperity on the fringes of the urbanized Eastern edge of Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro areas. With many residences that are in the building process or scheduled for construction in the near future, the demand for retail stores, restaurants and other services is eminent. The possibility of future commercial growth in Choctaw is interminable as the development of retail and professional services is constantly underway. Currently, many business opportunities exist as Choctaw experiences continual new growth and success.

Remember, your small investment can create big dividends for everybody’s business – including yours!

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As an investor in the Choctaw Chamber of Commerce, you are part of the viable, influential force of hundreds of local businesses working for a stronger local economy and an even higher quality of life for the Eastern Oklahoma County area.

What is the Chamber?

The Choctaw Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit voluntary organization, which unites the efforts of business and professional people to improve the economy and to build a better community. Members invest their time and money to accomplish what no one person can do alone. To best understand the Chamber, you must first understand what it is not.

The Chamber is not a government agency, a branch of City Hall, nor a state or federally supported organization, rather, we are an organization here to help make your dreams a reality in Choctaw!

What Can the Chamber do for me?

Plenty! Regardless of your business or profession, the Chamber’s role is to advance the economic, industrial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Choctaw area.

We also encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses, support activities we believe will be beneficial to the area, oppose those which might be detrimental, and in general, promote the welfare of area citizens by following policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.

How is the Chamber Organized?

The Choctaw Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to preserving and expanding the private enterprise system and the personal freedoms and responsibilities that accompany it. Members are at the top of the organization. They are the strength of our organization – both as stockholders and the principal customers of the Chamber of Commerce.

General direction and policies are set by a Board of Directors elected by and answerable to the investors. The Board is composed of business and professional people from various sectors of the community who are members of the Chamber.

An Executive Committee is composed of the officers – Chairman, Chairman Elect, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and immediate past chair and President/CEO. The committee acts for and on behalf of the Board when not in session and is answerable to the Board for its actions. The President/CEO is a full – time staff of professional and carries out day-to-day operations.

Utilizing sound business practices, they coordinate the efforts of the many volunteers who make the Chamber work, and these professionals are available to you daily for assistance. Investors in the Chamber work through various committees and task forces. You are encouraged to be part of the action by voicing your opinion and ideas, and to participate in the work of these committees.

Membership Benefits

The Chamber works directly with the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center Business and Industry Department to support Choctaw’s small business community in the areas of legislation, business development, education, communication and networking opportunities through specific programs and activities directed to the needs of small business.

The Chamber provides publicity in numerous ways to promote your firm to the business community and fellow members. Another marketing benefit is the free advertisement. The Executive Vice President can help businesses stage their grand openings, ribbon cuttings and other special events.

New Member information will be listed in our newsletter and this website lists each member, including email address, mailing address, phone numbers and business website.


  • Newsletters – Our weekly newsletter brings the news of the Chamber to you.
  • Membership Directory – Available upon request.
  • Special Mailings – Invitations to membership events and informational materials on current issues are mailed periodically to Chamber members only.
  • Maps – City, country and state maps are available.
  • Demographic Information – Members have access to current information.
  • Visitor Information – Choctaw area information available upon request.
  • The Monthly Coffee & Contacts Networking Events
  • The Quarterly Membership Luncheons
  • The Annual Auction in June
  • The Annual Golf Tournament in August
  • The Annual Clay Shooting Tournament in October
  • The Annual Banquet in November

Special Events


The Chamber receives hundreds of requests each year for our recommendation on where to “do business”. We refer them to Chamber Members first.